1. Why is Smokeless Blue better than traditional coal or eco-pea coal?

1. Smokeless Blue has a higher calorific value, provides constant heat in the form of approx. 27-28 MJ, while ordinary coal on average of about 24 MJ.
2. Smokeless Blue can be burned in a traditional boiler or an oven.
3. It is a smokeless fuel, when it is burned 10 times less dust and 20 times less benzo (a) pyrene get into the atmosphere.
4. Maintains constant quality throughout the year.
5. It is covenient to use.
6. You can burn in a traditional furnace and new generation ones.

2. What is Smokeless Blue made of?

Smokeless Blue is made of high quality hard coal.

3. Where can I buy Smokeless Blue?

In the matter of purchase, please contact us directly at: sales@blekitnywegiel.pl

4. Why is the coal blue?

Smokeless Blue does not burn, like ordinary coal, orange-yellow flame, with a lot of sparks, but mild and blue. That is where its name comes from.

5. What certificates does the Smokeless Blue have?

The Smokeless Blue has been tested by the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal and the Central Mining Institute. It has a certificate from an independent, accredited Polcargo laboratory.

6. Who produces the Smokeless Blue?

Smokeless Blue is a product that was created as part of the project of the Generator of Ecological Concepts GEKON (a joint initiative of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the National Center for Research and Development), in cooperation with Polish engineers from Polchar Sp. z o.o. and the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze.

7. Smokeless Blue burns more slowly. What is actually slower combustion and how it works in the case of weather with high frosts?

Slower, even combustion is a very important parameter in heat exchange efficiency in the process of heating water in central heating systems. A large amount of heat, which is released at the beginning of coal combustion, heating only the exhaust gas, is in a large portion lost. Later, however, in the case of coal, there is a rapid decrease in the amount of heat generated and, as a result, less amount of it is supplied than when if we burn Smokeless Blue. Bearing in mind the above, we can say that in the case of high frosts, burning Smokeless Blue, instead of hard coal, will increase the amount of heat delivered to the system, and will also improve the efficiency of the entire process.

8. What is "the ordinary coal" with which Smokeless Blue is compared?

When writing "the ordinary coal" we mean traditional coal with parameters:

  • - ash: 5–15%,
  • - volatile parts content: 31-34%,
  • - calorific value: 19–25 MJ/kg
9. Is Smokeless Blue a type of coke?

Smokeless Blue is produced from Polish hard coal of very good quality. It is characterized by the ease of ignition. It is not coke and is not a product of the coking process. It is a product of thermal processing of coal at a temperature above 350 ° C.

Possibility of use in a traditional boiler or furnace

High calorific value and ease of use

Eco-friendly, smokelessly burning fuel

Much lower emission of dusts and exhaust gases into the atmosphere

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