Smokeless Blue is a product that was created as part of the project of the Generator of Ecological Concepts  Gekon (a joint initiative of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the National Center for Research and Development), in cooperation with Polish engineers from Polchar Sp. z o.o. and the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. The idea of undertaking joint activities was to prepare ecological solid fuel for use in all households, guaranteeing the reduction of pollutant emissions to the atmosphere.

Smokeless Blue is an ecological, low-carbon and smokeless coal fuel, based on ordinary charcoal, which is subjected to thermal treatment. Prepared in this way, it can be burnt in a traditional boiler or stove, for example a tiled stove.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Poland and in the world - by reducing the level of emission of polllutants from households, without the need to make additional investments, i.e. replacing old furnaces and boilers. The Smokeless Blue guarantees an immediate improvement of the air condition in cities and communes, where there is high pollution often causing the so-called smog episodes. We do not have to wait passively for global changes in the energy economy to improve the quality of the air and our lives. With Smokeless Blue it is already possible TODAY.

Possibility of use in a traditional boiler or furnace

High calorific value and ease of use

Eco-friendly, smokelessly burning fuel

Much lower emission of dusts and exhaust gases into the atmosphere

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